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OMC Heads to Glastonbury Festival 2017

Its set to be a SCORCHIO weekend and team OMC will be on hand to supply you with the best music you will hear all weekend, guaranteed!

DJ Louie Louie best-not-best of 2016 – OMC Round up of 2016

Not really a ‘top 5’ or even a best of 2016, as been far too much good stuff for that but things that have stuck in memory for one reason or another – OMC Round up of 2016

DJ Louie Louie ‘Top Ten Most Memorable Dancefloor Moments’

Top OMC DJ Louie Louie’s top ten tunes of his most memorable dancefloor moments in the mix, get on!

DJ Louie Louie

Kev’s OMC sets have tended to be a bit more playful taking in 90s big beat and rave classics and what ever random tunes seem apt at the time.