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Kev Winser – OMC Xmas

A music journey with Kev Winser for the OMC Xmas mixes

DJ Louie Louie ‘Top Ten Most Memorable Dancefloor Moments’

Top OMC DJ Louie Louie’s top ten tunes of his most memorable dancefloor moments in the mix, get on!

DJ Louie Louie

Kev’s OMC sets have tended to be a bit more playful taking in 90s big beat and rave classics and what ever random tunes seem apt at the time.

DJ Louie Louie ‘The Back To The Future All Dayer’

Back on track and getting all the BTTF mixes online before our Xmas party! Next up DJ Louie Louie.

Old Man Corner - Back The To Future All Dayer

The OMC ‘Back To The Future’ All Dayer

Back To The Future is sodding awesome rad we have decide to throw an OMC all dayer, the 24th is the closest Saturday to the 21st so lets go back to the future and party on down!

Kev Winser – The OMC Xmas / Early NYE All Dayer

Kev Winser recorded live at the Old Man Corner ‘The OMC Xmas / Early NYE’ All Dayer @ The Angel, Exeter December 27th