The first in our new section on OMC. ‘Rundle Review‘  Richie and his kids Lucas, Forrest and Nina review films and such and let us know what they thought.


I gave the first Guardians film a straight 10/10, pretty much the perfect movie and up there with Raiders and Empire.

The sequel is more of the same , and that’s no bad thing as far as I’m concerned. It’s bright and colourful and the screen is constantly filled with luminous slime and technicolour explosions. The soundtrack again keeps the action going and is once again perfect. Amazingly I watched the film completely spoiler free, I wouldn’t even read the soundtrack playlist, I urge you to try to watch it this way too as there are some cool guests, cameos and end credit scenes.

When I left the cinema this morning I gave it 9/10, It’s still my favourite offshoot of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I look forward to the next chapter.


With an opening sequence that won’t be soon forgotten, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 kicks off just as explosively as hoped, maintaining the phenomenal standard of entertainment throughout each act that was previously seen in its predecessor.

The performances from the guardians were as funny as ever, with their respective forms of hilarity combing to create moments that’ll range from you being in stitches, to just simply grinning like an idiot as you witness the sheer awesomeness of it all.

Despite some complaints that can be found online against the “excessive” use of CGI, for me, the films use of special effects were brilliant, displaying the diversity of the Galaxy in an emphatic way. The use of CGI helped to achieve moments of beauty, intensity, and wonder seen in the travels of the Guardians. Additionally, sloppy digital effects would have probably damaged the more philosophical advancements that were made to the story of Peter Quill.

My one big criticism would be the with the plot, which is admittedly less compelling than that of the first instalment. It’s not necessarily a bad story by any means, just not as original as the thrilling adventure Volume 1 had given us. Volume 2 was ultimately a consistently funny and entertaining adventure with a soundtrack that hit the high levels of expectation, and a few classy cameos you won’t want to miss. It was great to see some of the side characters from volume 1 blossom and connect with the Guardians so much in this movie, particularly Michael Rooker’s character Yondu.

Whilst not as outstanding as the first instalment, it was still an excellent movie and for me it scores a solid 8/10. As expected, I’m hooked on a sequel.


I like the tree one 9/10

So there we have it, the scores are in and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 gets a ‘Rundle Review‘ score of 26/30

If your off to the cinema this weekend to watch it let us know what you thought.