Project Cee 'OMC Selector'

Over the past few weeks the OMC have been rocking out to some awesome mixes but now its time to pottering about the garden to some damn funky grooves courtesy of the one and only Project Cee!

01. The Selecter ‘The Selecter’
02. Peter Tosh ‘Legalize It’
03. Aswad ‘Warrior Charge (Trouble Mix)’
04. Mad Professor and Pato Banton ‘Gwarn!’
05. Tipsy ‘Nude On The Moon’
06. Tim ‘Love’ Lee ‘Everybody Loves The Jungle’
07. Paul Nero ‘Detroit Soul’
08. Quincy Jones ‘I Heard That’
09. Darondo ‘Let My People Go’
10. Steve Miller Band ‘Fly Like An Eagle’
11. Placebo ‘Balek’
12. Izit ‘Bird Of Paradise’
13. Leon Thomas ‘Creator Has A Masterplan’
14. Chubb Rock ‘Regiments Of Steel’
15. X Clan ‘Verbs Of Power’
16. Project Cee ‘I Wonder’
17. Julie Driscoll ‘Season Of The Witch’


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