Who loves acid house? OMC loves acid house thats who!

Benny OMC takes us through a 2 hour mix of kick ass acid house/techno/breaks featuring classics from Plastikman, Luke Vibert and Hardfloor as well as some sweet fresh acid cuts.



01. Luke Vibert ‘I Love Acid’
02. Plastikan ‘Plastique’
03. Hardfloor ‘Ain’t Nuttin’ But A Format Thing’
04. Luke Vibert ‘Analord’
05. Luke Vibert ‘I Love Acid’
06. Laven, Malte, MSO ‘Reach (Alte Shule Acid Instrumental)’
07. MNLTH ‘Amsterdam’
08. 808 State ‘Flow Coma (Remix By AFX)’
09. Ace of Clubs ‘Whorecan’
10. Heretic ‘IDORU (Heretic Rework)’
11. Bawrut ‘Rumba’
12. Farley Jackmaster Funk ‘The Acid Life (Swags WGCI Master Mix)’
13. Funkineven ‘Aviator’
14. LFO vs F.U.S.E ‘Loop’
15. Hardfloor ‘Bubble and Squeak’
16. Electroliners ‘Loose Caboose’
17. 808 State ‘Let Yourself Go (303 Mix)’
18. Josh Wink ‘Are You There (95′ Remix)’
19. Ace Of Clubs ‘124.2’
20. Paul Woolford presents Bobby Peru ‘Erotic Discourse’
21. F.U.S.E ‘Substance Abuse’
22. Bawut ‘1-2-3-4’
23. Chemical Brothers ‘Electronic Battle Weapon 2’
24. Altern 8 ‘Full On Mask Hysteria (Luke Vibert Remix)’
25. Plastikman ‘Outbak’

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