Finally, mega late, but better late then never!

Here is the 1st batch of mixes recorded at our last Alldayer

OMC Acid Alldayer – Gwarn Owl

1st up we have the super duper all star Gwarn Owl

OMC Acid Alldayer – Hidden Riddim

Hidden Riddim with an early doors exclusive classic hip hop set! The recording is a bit sketchy on this one but its still rad.

OMC Acid Alldayer – Mr Lexicon

OMC’s King of the 45’s takes control with a epic set of awesome!

OMC Acid Alldayer – Emilio Snazz

Emilio Snazz with the tea time house, afro beats and classics

OMC Acid Alldayer – Spider

The undisputed king of Disco drops a most excellent set for us, proper OMC.

Part 2 coming soon, ish, probably 🙂