Matt Anderson

Its Thursday and that can only mean one thing… it’s OMC Mix Day!

Stepping up to the decks this week we have Matt Anderson who brings us a sweet lil 30 min ‘Shut Up and Dance‘ retrospective mix to bring back the OMC rave day memories.

Shut Up and Dance is probably my favourite label of time, and set out the blue print for much of the great drum and bass / jungle music that was to come out of the UK during the 90’s. Hope you enjoy and if you don’t know these artists, you need to check.

Matt started DJing on a mobile disco 25 years ago, so he well qualifies for a place on OMC! From there he moved to playing at legal and illegal raves at the start of the acid house era in his home county of Essex and then on to London. Matt has also played at some of the legendary nights and venues of the era such as Labyrinth, Limelight and The Rocket.

From rave and early hardcore he progressed to drum and bass, and enjoyed success as an artist on certificate 18 records, collaborating with Rupert Parkes (Photek) and Skanna. He also continued DJing at nights such as Logical Progression, Balance at Plastic People, as well as stints abroad in Iceland, Belarus, Italy and the USA.

Today, you can still catch Matt spinning around the West Country at The Angel in Exeter, all Hold It Down Events and wherever else gives the him the freedom to play the music he loves.

01. Rum And Black ‘Slaves’
02. Shut Up And Dance ‘Lambourghini’
03. Ragga Twins ‘Hooligan 69’
04. Rum And Black ‘Fuck The Legal Stations’
05. Ragga Twins ‘Bring Up The Mic Some More’
06. Shut Up And Dance ‘Derek Wend Mad’
07. Ragga Twins ‘Spliffhead’


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