10 Years of OMC … Extended!

We have been sent so many great mixes from our awesome DJS that we have extended our celebrations, and to double celebrate here is a super solid mix from Elka to kick start the week.

2 turntables and mixer, a roster of great DJs & a great vibe is OMC in a nutshell.

As a punter heading to The Angel early and hearing the hip hop, funk & soul & dub while sipping a pint before it slowly ramped up into an absolute party atmosphere. That’s the beauty of OMC, the freedom DJ’s are given to play what they want any genre any tempo and the legends that run it always know how to throw one hell of a party.

When Benny asked me to finally get some records together and actually play for them I was so excited to be part of the OMC crew. I always wondered if I was truly OMC, and it wasn’t really until I ended up enjoying sofas and sitting down at raves that I finally realised I was.

For my mix I’ve dug through my acid electro & techno records. I’ve played exactly the same way I would live – planning and throwing records together on the fly.


Winona – DJ Boring
Multiverse – Chaos in the CBD
Holiday waves – Exotic Coco Magic
Six O Six – Peggy Gou
Cry – Sansibar
Upper Alley – Hundred20
Growing – Elka
Going Deep – Posthuman
Face Yourself – The Golden Donna
Ghost Moons – Ociya
TRumcen – Cignol
Keep Hope Alive – Kosh
Floating In Space – Janeret
Kollecta – Huerta
Untitled (Return Trip) – Baby Rollen
Ikquion Lovers – Tom VR
Tru – Laurel Halo & Hodge
Bass Equations – Tim Jackiw
Angry Wombats – Fabe
Angel of Hell – Paranoid London
MancMania – Granary 12
Can’t Stop the House (Acid Edit) – Granary 12