CBW '7 Inches, Bigger than Average!'

Now this is proper! Chester Both Worlds has sent us a mix for the OMC and its a 7″ orgy of awesome…

This is a new mix tape taken from my collection of 7inch records, all genuine music I grew up with, and loved, Punk, Hip Hop and Ska, dominate the play list but with the funk of Jefferson, the sweet country music with Johnny Cash, the rock n roll of the Stray Cats & Ricky Nelson rebel rousin’ there is plenty of variation, most of these records I collected with my brother Benny Fonzarelli, including Runaway boys which was the first record I spent money on (my bro and me went half’s with our pocket money, 12 and half pence each I believe it was) and some of the records are from the Juke box we used to have in our living room, like the Who classic I’m a boy, and subterranean Homesick Blues.

The only sound on the mix not taken from a 7”” record is the West Ham United commentary of the 1980’s cup Final which is taken from the 12inch vinyl commentary, which I couldn’t resist using for the purposes of this mix.


Side A
01. West Ham Vs Arsenal ‘1980 Cup Final Commentary’
02. Cockney Rejects ‘We Can Do Anything’
03. Stray Cats ‘Runaway Boys’
04. The Who ‘I’m A Boy’
05. Shep Williams ‘I Want to Be A Skinhead Like My Dad’
06. Morris Jefferson ‘Spank Your Blank Blank’
07. Public Enemy ‘Fight The Power’
08. Johnny Cash ‘A Boy Named Sue’
09. Bob Dylan ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’
10. Sex Pistols ‘Did You No Wrong’
11. Neville Staples AKA Judge Roughneck ‘Rude Boys Outa Jail’

Side B
01. Sesame Street ‘Hello’
02. Dead Kennedys ‘California Uber Alles’
03. Rolling Stones ‘Undercover Of The Night’
04. The Ruts ‘Jah War’
05. Eric B & Rakim ‘Move the Crowd’
06. Duane Eddie ‘Rebel Rouser’
07. The Legendary Flobs ‘You’re In Danger’
08. Arrested Development ‘Tennessee’
09. Bad Manners ‘Special Brew’
10. The Dickies ‘You Drive Me Ape’
11. Stiff Little Fingers ‘The Edge’


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