This Friday catch Benny OMC B2B King Farmer wheeling up jungle classics in the The Leisure Centre room at the Bare Safe ‘Devon Boomtown Gathering’

Benny OMC – Bare Safe ‘Devon Boomtown Gathering’ Promo Mix

01. Bladerunner ‘Love Is Gone’
02. Firefox and Glamour Gold ‘Bass (Serum Remix)’
03. Wilkinson ‘Moonwalker’
04. Serial Killaz ‘Send Dem’
05. Glamour Gold ‘You Can Run (Serum Remix)’
06. DC Breaks ‘Babylon’
07. Dopeskillz ‘6 Million Ways To Die’
08. Critycal Dub ‘Welcome To The Jungle’
09. Konflict ‘Messiah’
10. L-Side ‘Riddim Dancer’
11. Firefox and 4 Tree ‘Warning (Serum Remix)’
12. Ram Trilogy ‘Milky Way’
13. Prizna ft Demolition Man ‘Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix)’
14. Distorted Minds ‘T-10 (Dillinja Remix)’
15. Dillija ‘Gangsta (Serum Remix)’
16. DJ Krust ‘Angles (DJ Andy and Mikrob Remix)’
17. Serum ‘Wiretrap’
18. Un-Cut ‘Midnight (M.I.S.T. Remix)’
19. Wots My Code ‘Dubplate (Total Science Remix)
20. Wickaman Hoodlum and Mavrick ‘Renegade Skank’
21. Soundmurderer and SK-1 ‘Call The Police’
22. High Contrast ‘The Basment Track’
23. DJ SS ‘Lighter (Bladerunner Remix)’
24. DJ Hazard ‘Its A Secret’
25. Chase and Status ‘Duppy Man’
26. DJ Hazard ‘Mr Happy’
27. Serum and Voltage ‘Barbarian’
28. Urban Shakedown ‘Arsonist (Some Justice 95)’
29. Adam F ‘The Original Jungle Sound’
30. Serum and Heist ‘Live At The Apollo’
31. Bad Company ‘Bullet Time (Spor Remix)’
32. Mr Joseph ‘Wonderful Feeling’
33. Krome and Time ‘The License’
34. Original Sin and Taxman ‘Penamana’
35. Rufidge Kru ‘Terminator’
36. Firefox ‘So Solid’
37. Optiv and BTK ‘Ignition’
38. Total Science ‘Squash’
39. Bad Company ‘Hornet’
40. Krust ‘Warhead’
41. Savage Rehab ‘Desire (Sympton VIP Remix)’
42. Roni Size and DJ Die ‘Its A Jazz Thing (Juiceman Remix)’
43. Critycal Dub ‘Roadblock’
44. Harvest ‘Tape Pack
45. Serum and Bladerunner ‘Heavy Duty’
46. Dillinja ‘Grimey’
47. Brainkillers ‘Screwface’
48. Critycal Dub ‘Situations’