Were off to the big city to show them how its done OMC styleeeeee

A night for the sophisticated music lover. A night for ladies & gentlemen whose hangovers now last till Tuesday. A night for those that would prefer find a corner table in the club rather than be inside the bassbin.

A night for those whose trousers actually stay (mostly) round their waist.

A night for those… who quite frankly… know their sh*t


12-1 : King Farmer (Rinseout / OMC / All My Mates Are Djs)
11-12 : Mr Lexicon (OMC / Riddim Fruit)
10-11 : Don Jigweed (Dropout, weddings, funerals)
9-10 : Benny OMC (OMC / All My Mates Are Djs) – Mo’Wax / Hip Hop
8-9 : Lovely Looker (Lovely Looker)

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The Big Chill Bar

Dray Walk (Off Brick Lane), London E1 6QL ‎
020 7392 9180 ‎ ·

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