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Benny OMC – This Is House

Its almost the weekend so to get you in the mood Benny OMC has dropped a sweet 2 1/2 hour mix of proper good house music.

Benny OMC – Bare Safe ‘Devon Boomtown Gathering’ Promo Mix

This weekend catch Benny OMC B2B King Farmer wheeling up jungle classics in the The Leisure Centre room at the Bare Safe ‘Devon Boomtown Gathering’

King Farmer – The May Bank Holiday Alldayer 2017

King Farms on the party tip, got the place rocking and the Hen Do’s loving it!

Mr Lexicon – The May Bank Holiday Alldayer 2017

The funk 45’s come in thick and fast with Mr Lexicon.

Gwarn Owl – The May Bank Holiday Alldayer 2017

Gwarn Owl on the turns dropping a slick selection of OMC top tunes.

Emilio Snazz – The May Bank Holiday Alldayer 2017

Emilio Snazz getting his Dance Hall / Reggae vibes on!

Benny OMC – The May Bank Holiday Alldayer 2017

Benny OMC starts off the 12 hours of May Day OMC goodness with a selection of laid back hip hop, beaty vibes…

Lee Waller – OMC 6th Birthday

Lee Waller recorded live from the OMC 6th Birthday Lee Waller. Last set of the night and it was awesome!

Benny OMC – OMC / NYE

We have unearthed this mix from Benny OMC recorded at the mental OMC / NYE party, so sit back and enjoy.

OMC Loves The Acid

Who loves acid house? OMC loves acid house thats who!

Richie Rundle – OMC Xmas

Richie Rundle brings our OMC Xmas series to an end with a top hour of awesome!

Matt Anderson – OMC Xmas

Dance through the afternoon with a slide of Matt Anderson GET HYPED!!! OMC / NYE

Emilio Snazz – ‘Nothing But Coal’ – OMC Xmas

Its almost NYE so to give you that last bit of energy to get your through the working day listen to this! GET HYPED!!! OMC / NYE

Benny OMC – Techno Bells – OMC Xmas

Benny OMC’s ‘OMC Xmas’ mix part two! This time we go full on techno, bosh on! GET HYPED!!! OMC / NYE

Benny OMC – Jungle Bells – OMC Xmas

Continuing our OMC Xmas mixes today we have 2 from Benny OMC, 1st up a killer hour mix of classic Jungle / Drum & Bass GET HYPED!!! OMC / NYE

Kev Winser – OMC Xmas

A music journey with Kev Winser for the OMC Xmas mixes

Lee Waller – Driving Home For OMC Xmas

Its almost the New Year so were going to be uploading a bunch of festive mixes for you all to enjoy!

Triple Hex ‘OMC Turkey Banger’

Closing off our Turkey Banger all dayer we have a fine selection of old skool from the one and only Triple Hex!

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