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Its Shed Painting Time

Round 1…

The Oatmeal knows the score

Old Men of the Corner… Swing em loud and proud! haha 🙂 Now you should know about The Oatmeal already but if you don’t its about damn time you caught up. Check out The Oatmeal for more jolly fun.

Make Some Noise if ya with me!! Go there ^^^^^ Watch it, Be amazed, It makes this old man feel young, not old and ill, not sick  😀 I don’t think I’ve seen as many of my favourite people/actors/comedians in one place… Nothing new, nothing groundbreaking.

Sheds are awesome!

Welcome to the Old Man Corner blog, a place where we can bumble about with all things old and manly like sheds… It has to be said that shed are freaking awesome! in fact they are so awesome I tore

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