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Battles “Ice Cream (feat. Matias Aguayo)”

The Battles have a new album coming out on Warp on the 7th June called Gloss Drop, and this is the new single ‘Ice Cream’ Its good but its not as good as when camp bey saw them at glasters

Star Wars Films made in Lego

Now if you know me in real life then you know I can’t stand the Star Wars prequel Trilogy, as far as I’m concerned they never existed. In fact its probably a good job this blog didn’t exist at the

Sheffield Bleep ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Mix

I seem to be posting up a lot of mixes recently but thats ok as this is AWESOME!!! Remember when techno wasnt all BOSH BOSH BOSH and had a bit of sublime elegance to it… the days of early Warp,

My Tomato Plants

My first attempt at growing some tomato plants. Looking good so far, about time I plant them outside to get some proper growth going I reckons.

Ben UFO ‘Never Went To Blue Note’ Mix

While I gather my sea legs up (a blog about this will be coming soon) I’ve been getting my rinse on with this mix of classic jungle from Ben UFO. Pure Old Man Corner Jungle at its finest. NOTHING NEW

DJ Andy Smith’s Jam Up Twist.

This arrived in the post this morning… Tracklisting: 1. Talk About A Party – Boogaloo & His Galliant Crew 2. Bloodshot Eyes – Wynonie Harris 3. Touch & Go – Wynonna Carr 4. Rock And Roll Jungle – Joe Benson

Things that piss me off #2

Car Insurance……….. F***ing car insurance, where to start, when I started driving your insurance started high and then got lower as you gained more experience, age and no claims bonus. Whereas now, it seems to cost more and more every

Africa Hitech ’93 Million Miles’ FREE DOWNLOAD

Further to my post about the Africa Hitech Mini Mix you can now listen to the new Africa Hitech album ’93 Million Miles’ now for a limited time and download a free MP3 of ‘Glangslap’ from their Africa Hitech website

A Tribe Called Quest ‘Buggin’ Out’

Yo, microphone check one two what is this…

OMC Desktops

Ahh the bays. The grumpy old men who brighten up our websites background. What would we do with out them. Well now you too can have them cheer you up with this selection of Wallpapers for your desktop and mobile

Save Some Time To Be Lazy

The new OMC’s design studios motivational canvas courtesy of Stuff No One Told Me


A while ago a few of the OMC crew all sat down to think about music as it was getting all a bit too fast for us Old Men so we chatted, drank pints, had a laugh and invented ‘Slugrave’.

Things that piss me off #1

There is an advert on television that features a polar bear ON HOLIDAY to the Mediterranean that threatens a Bromley housewife to eschew the wonderful locally caught prawns for some  mass frozen – pre cooked – boil in the bag

Africa Hitech ’93 Million Miles’ Album Sampler

Mark Pritchard returns alongside Steve Spacek with a new project and a new album. After last years awesome Africa Hitech EPs (Blen, Hitecherous and Out In The Streets) on Warp its time for the album to blow mankind away! Check

Braziliant! – The SummerStarter | 2011 Mix

Ahh Easter Sunday, a day for loungin’, eating chocolate, watching The Greatest Story Ever Told and drinking beer. Also seeing as the sun is still out and warming us all up to super hot degrees I reckons there will be

Painted Shed

Following on from my earlier shed posts (here and here) I can now present to you the fully painted shed in all its awesome glory 🙂

Tetris In Heaven

Tetris, we’ve all played it and got annoyed when it goes mega fast and doesn’t throw up the shapes you need.. Bah… stupid game!!! But wait, what if every now and again a piece so freaking sweet drops from the

Bank holiday Note to the Neighbours….

In a proper old man stylee (and, controversially for someone who’s very living & being requires him to play often very loud music , both at home and elsewhere) A little quote for my lovely neighbours cleaning out their car

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