It’s Easter weekend and what better way to celebrate eating chocolate n such then spending all day in the pub listening to rad DJs drop awesome tunes!

So as a quick guide for newcomers to the OMC way of life, here’s our ‘Top 5 Essential Tips For Surviving An OMC Alldayer


1. Come Early

The day kicks off from 2/3ish so it’s a good idea to come along early, hang out, sup beers, watch the world go by, listen to some rad tunes and relax – it’s a pub, and that’s what pubs are for. Bring a crew and bag a table or come on your own and watch the day unfold. You won’t regret it.


2. Pace Yourself

It’s a long day, 12 hours all in give or take, so it’s best to pace yourself and there’s nothing wrong with shandies in the OMC world. Neverending drinking and feeling great the next day are the order of the day with shandies… saying that though, at 9pm the shots come out and the whole shandy vibe goes out the window.


3. Pop Out & Eat

All day drinking and hanging out in a pub takes its toll so why not pop over to Ruby for a quick bite to eat. They do the most awesome burgers known to man and their new menu is next freaking level! Don’t forget the whole OMC event, at the Angel, is free all day so you can come and go as you wish.


4. Relax

With so many DJs there’s something musical for everyone. Into Hip Hop, House, Indie, 80’s, Disco, Rock, Old Skool, Jungle, Reggae and everything else in between, then you’re in luck. Don’t like the music being played at the moment, no worries, chill out, grab a beer, chat to some folk, because the next DJ will only be less than 45 mins away.


5. Enjoy yourself

The Angel is the home of OMC and it’s a proper lush lil’ pub so leave all your woes at the door and come on in for a great day. We don’t judge, we’re too old for that kinda thing, so let loose, dance if you want, hang out at the bar if you want, it’s all good, it’s OMC.

Extra tip… there might also be cake!


So now you know how to survive an OMC alldayer so why not pop along to our Easter / 4th Birthday alldayer on Easter Sunday and see what all the fuss is about.