Super injunctions I mean, wtf……super injunctions what is so great about these injunctions that makes them super……

Hang on, that’s not it, I couldn’t give a flying toss what footballer has fucked another prostitute…..again (pffft they can afford it and it’s none of my business)

It’s another motoring rant I’m afraid and this one is serious…..

To the youth of today I say!

INDICATORS (or blinkers if you are American)

How hard is this a concept to grasp – you are piloting a ton, ton and and a half of 95mph metal and combustible liquid, probably listening to the newest Britteny Gaga album you’ve pirated whilst texting on your iphone.

Us old men really don’t appreciate it when you suddenly decide to blink back into reality when Justin Bieber or Beyonce or whom ever the fuck you have on your sat-nav celebrity voice tells you to take the next exit in 300 yards.

What we’d really like is you to do is A) pay fucking attention, it’s driving, not GTA M3 city and B) pay more attention to the road and stop texting and C) pay fucking attention to your sat-nav so that you don’t suddenly dive across 3 lanes of traffic because you are a spastic.

OK Kids – The stalk thingy on the left hand side of the steering wheel (big roundy thing what make car turny) on some cars if you turn it it makes night bright, if you push it, it makes night brighter, but here’s a tip……and listen to me on this one, if you approach a junction and press it down it turns this flashy orange light on the left side of your car signalling you want to turn left, it works on the opposite side too! – WHO WOULD HAVE THUNKED IT?

This gives other motorist some way of guessing which way you are intending to turn.