Car Insurance………..

F***ing car insurance, where to start, when I started driving your insurance started high and then got lower as you gained more experience, age and no claims bonus.

Whereas now, it seems to cost more and more every year, and again I understand there is a rise in uninsured drivers and “no win, no fee” claims and these may push my premiums up. But…………..

Why in the name of shuddering f**k does my current insurance provider send me a renewal quote for the same cover but with an extra year’s no claims that is £150 more than my current policy…….Then when you phone them up and mention you can get the same cover much cheaper online mention they can drop their price (from £480 to £370) why not just offer me that price on my renewal?

Still too much for me so I go online to get some more quotes and lo and be-f**king-hold the same company, yes Hastings direct, I’m talking about you, I find the same cover as I had before for £255 – almost half price from their original renewal quote. Can I call them up and just switch to the new premium – can I bollocks – “that’s a new business price sir” – Right, so I have to cancel my old policy, with your company, whilst simultaneously taking out a new policy, with your company?

tl:dr? Hasting Direct are a shower or shits.