OMC Secret Garden Party

OMC continues its season of festival takeovers next week where we head over to the Secret Garden Party! The Leisure Centre crew have let us loose on the Saturday so we will be dropping classics from 90-94 from 5pm till midnight. It will be awesome and mega with a touch of rad so come on over and get loose.


Drop Steady Freddy
Richie Rundle
Benny OMC
King Farmer
Hidden Riddim

Come and enter The Leisure Centre – a hedonistic, halcyon haven where spandex-clad space cadets rub shoulders with jungle jedis, robotic ravers and disco divas…

Having commandeered Marty McFly’s DeLorean DMC-12, the LC’s crack team of Freestyle Leisure Consultants embarked on a deep exploration of the space-time continuum, trawling the parties of past, present and future in search of the ultimate vibe. Touching down with their findings in The Secret Garden Party, The Leisure Centre crew will fulfill your childhood dreams and reboot your adolescent aspirations on a joyride filled with nonstop, nostalgic nonsense.

Join us in a musical marathon driven by the beats that shaped a generation – an audio expedition through the late 20th century, where sleazy power ballads meet acid house anthems, and hip-hop hits collide with bassline bangers and jungle rollers.

Dress code: synthetic ’80s leisurewear and ’90s rave gear as standard.

More info can be found on the Facebook Event Page.