A nice shed is a beautiful thing. We had 2, but one was got rid of to make room for a greenhouse. I am not questioning the validity of the greenhouse, but I still miss that shed – it didn’t deserve to be given away like that. I like the idea of building my own bespoke shed sometime, obviously with a number of different levels, incorporating some old windows, maybe sections of an ex military installation, a firemans pole, a cellar, escape routes/pods etc – all the usual that for some reason B&Q don’t cater for.

I get asked to provide sheds for customers at times, and insist on a made to order solid item, none of this stapled together panel built tosh. Nothing makes me happier than when I revisit a garden some time later and the client has made the shed their own – maybe jamjar storage hanging from the underside of shelves, a good ‘bits of string’ collection, a possibly unruly pile/stack of wood offcuts that can’t possibly be thrown away as they ‘might be useful’ etc

You can never have too many sheds. Sheds can never be too big. If you’ve built your own shed, be it from a kit/flat pack, I salute you. If you’ve built it from scratch, you’re a veritable role model. Big up the shed!

Makes you appreciate what could be possible with a bit of thought: