A while ago a few of the OMC crew all sat down to think about music as it was getting all a bit too fast for us Old Men so we chatted, drank pints, had a laugh and invented ‘Slugrave’.

Its not really a genre more a aweswome description of decent music from any genre or time but essentially its good and sluggy.

We are up to mixtape 4 so far and the interest in the project has been very suprising. Future mixtapes will be supplied by some insanely famous djs, but as always we wont tell you who does the mixes… we just let the music do the talking. Also to make everything a little bit special each mixtape is limited to 100 downloads (you can stream the mixes forever tho, in case you miss the downloads)

Heres the youtube teaser clip for Mixtape 4 Side A and you can listen to, and download, the lastest mix from the Slugrave website