Slugrave The Complete 1st Year Archive

Slugrave have hit the magic 1 year old stage and so they have uploaded all their old mixes, i’ll hand over to them to explain all…

We came, We saw, We slowed it down.

We are one! What an amazing year, big gigs like Glastonbury, Big Chill, Cultural Vibes, and smaller mini sized Slugraves in Exeter and London. We have been busy on the remix front to (soon to be revealed) and have released a ‘mixtape’ every month, give your take.

The good news is we won’t be slowing anything down on the mixtape, gig or music front, in fact, that side of things will keep going at a most un sluggy pace.

We will be playing some excellent festivals in 2012 and will be letting you know as and when we have more details (*STOP PRESS* Glade Festival information now in).

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us so far. Huge thanks to Tom Middleton, Joe Muggs, Lex Shellard, Damon Baxter, Dave Green, Giles Looker, Martyn Riley, The Beat Hotel at Glastonbury, The Sound of the Cosmos at The Big Chill, Cultural Vibes, Freddy Pimms, Paul Mcgee, Oli Kenney, Chex, Biff, Glade Festival, Aeon Festival, City arts and Music Project and everyone else we have forgotten who supplied a mixtape, came to our events, danced and enjoyed Slugrave.

Please continue to support us by downloading, liking, sharing and spreading the sluggy word.

Richie & Benny

We have received many, many emails from you requesting re-ups from our mixtape archive and so we are pleased to announce that we have made the entire mix series downloadable to you again, so slug out your ipods.

Slugrave The Complete 1st Year Archive

Mixtape 001 (194mb zip) via Mediafire
Mixtape 002 (196mb zip) via Mediafire
Mixtape 003 (178mb zip) via Mediafire
Mixtape 004 (185mb zip) via Mediafire
Mixtape 005 (249mb zip) via Sendspace
Mixtape 006 (193mb zip) via Mediafire
Mixtape 007 (207mb zip) via Sendspace
Mixtape 008 (214mb zip) via Sendspace
Mixtape 009 (233mb zip) via Sendspace
Mixtape 010 (197mb zip) via Mediafire

If there are any problems with the zip files please contact us and we will fix them asap.