The Slugrave beys return with some awesome tuneage to get us OMC’s sligtly nodding our heads! The sessions starts of slow and low with an hour of exquisite space ambient noodlings and then its heads down for a techno work out with side B. Enjoy and spread the slug love.

Slugrave Mixtape #005 – Side A

01. System 7 ‘Over and Out’
02. Sundial Aeon ‘Hydrophonics’
03. H.U.V.A. Network ‘Orientations part 3 (Uncertainty Principle)’
04. Pan Electric ‘Embers’
05. Carbon Based Lifeforms ‘Proton Electron’
06. Sundial Aeon ‘Pleasure Impact’
07. Solar Fields ‘Full Menu Song – Mirrors Edge Theme Remixed’
08. Ishq ‘Moonlight Sea’
09. Solar Fields ‘Sol Remix’
10. The Juan Maclean ‘Dance With Me’

Slugrave Mixtape #005 – Side B

01. Conforce ‘The Land of the Highway’
02. Lowtec ‘Running Elephant’
03. Floating Points ‘Vacuum Boogie’
04. Kassem Mosse ‘2-Untitled’
05. Dexercist ‘Revolt’
06. Tin Man ‘Love and Sex Acid’
07. Jus-Ed presents Nina Kraviz ‘Voices (RMX DJ QU)’
08. Steffen Baldo ‘Ends Meets’
09. Ed Chamberlain ‘Styge’


oooze on and join the vibe …

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