Team OMC went to see the new Star Wars film, Rogue One, on Saturday and so here are our ‘OMC Mini Reviews’

***** SPOILER FREE *****

Ooh and more mini reviews coming soon…

Benny OMC:
Rogue One is everything you could want from a Star Wars film. Could this even be the best Star Wars film yet? its definitely up there, the Force is strong with this one.

Gwarn’s snapshot review:
This story is told through a superb, epic & faithful landscape. You’ll know what I mean when I include a nod to ‘costume’ in the late third too. Great actors with even greater faces. There are more than appropriate tweaks to the rawness of the originals- these are seamless & appreciated. Several mega scenes, as a space geek i was transported to ringside seats right there in the orbital-fight action. It was dark when we exited; a true cinematic experience today! I’m a step closer to being a Starw Wars superfan.

Enough goodies die. Why are trained Stormtoopers unable to shoot straight? Public valley castle amazing.

Also… CGI Cushing is the bomb and why are there no touch screens in the future? Still awesome.