Project Cee will have been spinning rare, obscure and classic 45’s non-stop for 24 hours on facebook live!!!

Raising funds and awareness for The Arthrogryposis Group-UK  starting at 5pm on AMC AWARENESS DAY

This 30th June at 5pm, I will start a marathon 24-hr non-stop bear cast, playing the finest in Hip Hop, boogie, electro and a dash of funk on original 7″ and 45s only! My reason (apart from loving to spin 45s), is to raise money and awareness for TAG, the UK charity for Arthrogryposis, or AMC as it is also known. AMC is a rare congenital condition that affects approximately 1 in 10,000 births. Typically this condition affects joint movement in the limbs and may require a number of surgeries and consultations throughout childhood and adolescent years.

You can tune in on and donate here

For behind the scenes photos check out his Instagram as well