Chatting to a bunch of OMC crew at the weekend about ‘Whens everyone going to start mowing the law?’ and It just us thinking about lawn maintenance!

Essential OMC Knowledge

You probably think of lawn maintenance as a summer-only task. However, there are still a few tasks to be done year round. This chart shows you what needs to be done and when.

The chart, from home improvement company Heiton Buckley, details how lawn maintenance tasks change throughout the year. Obviously, during summer months, lawns need to be watered, mowed, and fed. However, during the fall, lawns need to be raked to prevent suffocating. Winter is relatively low maintenance, but you can also use this as a decent chance to find pockets of compacted soil that need to be aerated in the spring.

Lawn Maintenance Your Seasonal Cheat Sheet | Heiton Buckley via Holy Kaw!