Here it is then… THE DJ SETS!!!!!

As we mentioned on the OMC Facebook page we at the OMC would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who dj’d, boogied and got mad drunk at the OMC all dayer. It was epic from start to finish!

Just need another long weekend to do it all again.

So then onto the mixes, these were all recorded live at the Old Man Corner ‘Queens Jubilee’ All Dayer @ The Angel, Exeter June 4th

Just about all the sets were recorded, tho the quality does get a bit distorted, as the night goes on, as we keep turning it up some 😉

We have also zipped up all the sets into 3 handy files for you to download.

Zip 1 – Crate Diggerz, James Gill, Nicky Hopper, Ben & Lex

Zip 2 – King Farmer, Dropsteady Freddy, Adam Dawson, Kev Winser, Spider

Zip 3 – Hidden Riddim, Matt Anderson, JTC, Richie Rundle & Lee Waller

Finally sorry to any djs where we got your first/last song wrong when we cut these sets up. We will take a notepad next time and jot down the tunes 🙂

*note to self. Keep an eye on the computer recording levels next time… RAW!