Mighty Force team member & OMC resident Lee Waller decided on a slightly different slant with this mix encompassing deep, melodic grooves with tripped out electronics, to create a soundscape that’s as easy to dance to as it is to listen & get lost in. Artists included range from staples such as Andrew Weatherall, Roman Flugel, Ian Pooley, Will Saul to Brassica & Mathius Kaden.

Hope you enjoy the trip…

Mighty Force Awakens on 20th May along with Tom Middleton, Justin Harris, Rick Down (Digs DiY), Mr Mulatto, Andy Compton, Lee Waller, MC Ribbz official & DJ HURRY (SAS), David Green (Verdi), Michael Hooper (Spider) and Mickey Moff.


You can also catch Lee playing this weekend at the OMC May Bank Holiday Alldayer