The third track entitled Old Man Corner. An homage, if you will

Check it out! proper OMC bey Koro Inu has released a follow up to the first ep on midnightminustwo recordings called Black Dog Dubs vol 2 (the first ep cunningly titled Black Dog Dubs vol 1), the second ep veers away from the digital studio sound and out into more natural territory.

Dubba Fett is our opener, showing what the ep stands for: Big warm basslines, dubbed out drums, hypnotic melodies and head nodding depth. Prince Louie goes further back with end of pier hammond melodies and locked down bass and drums, while Old Man Corner sits back, lights its pipe and puts its feet up. We finish up with Abrahams Dub, stepping it up with horns and driving rhythm.

Whizz to 3 mins ish to hear Old Man Corner and you can buy the ep on the 3rd September via bdi recordings bandcamp page.