Godzilla OMC Mini Review

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If you have been following the Old Man Corner for a while you will know we love Godzilla, in fact we are reviewing each film in order, very slowly we must admit as we have only done Godzilla, Godzilla Rides Again and King Kong vs Godzilla so far… anyways we were proper excited to see the new film and in 3D as well.. future!

So onto the mini review… was it as good as classic Toho Godzilla or as shite as that rubbish Matthew Broderick film


I loved it! It felt like a classic Toho, where funk all happens for ages then its just Godzilla! Maybe there should have been more Godzilla screen time and I would have prefered a classic Toho baddie monster as well, rather than a generic ‘looks like every other hollywood monster’, but watching massive monsters fight and crush building was ace!

Nowhere near as bat shit mental as say Godzilla: Final Wars but for a Hollywood film it was pretty good.



Pros : Faithful to the Japanese monster design. Some of the BEST sound design and noises in any movie ever. Big f*cking fights and explosions. Matey from Breaking Bad.

Cons : No monkeys in starring roles

A solid 7.5/10

Lee Waller:

Too long, bad wig, Mothra/Muto?


King Farmer:

I thought it was only slightly better than independence day but just as dated. I thought it was satire when it began only to realise that they still made films like this and I had two hours left. The sweets were nice


We will return in the few weeks or so with more ‘Bunk Off Work & Go To The Cinema‘ reviews… fingers crossed it will be the new X-men film.