Now I’ve got my Xbox back, after being burgled earlier this year, I’ve been catching up with some game playing. So I thought ‘Hey I bet the bays on OMC wonder what I thought of the games I’ve completed recently’ so here it is.. Benny Reviews!

1st up Gears Of War 3. I’ll put it out there now, I’m not a massive gears fanboy. But seeing as I’ve completed Gears 1 & 2 then I might as well do 3 to finish off the story of Marcus and his lil gang.

Its OK, not super freaking awesome just OK. It gets very repetitive, which is its major downfall… run to new area ‘Ohh lots of bits to duck behind’ que monsters… shoot, duck, shoot, duck, run to next area and repeat.

Thats pretty much it.

Theres some nice set pieces but overall it was mad repetitive and it wasnt like.. FUNK YEAH!! cant wait to get to the next bit this games rad, more… meh more of the same… when will it end so I can play something else.

So overall if you have played the 1st two Gears games then you might as well play this, but don’t expect any thing mind blowing. If you’ve never played any Gears games then go and play the 1st one instead.