Monday, does anyone actually like Monday? It’s like a day where you put off all the jobs that need doing because you just can’t be arsed! and if your proper OMC you should be on day 2 of a hangover (hangovers take time to go away nowadays)

So to make Monday a mystical ‘trip out’ journey, jack this into your ears and float off!

The Inventors Of Aircraft

01. Robert Henke / Signal to Noise II (Signal to Noise)
02. Emil Klotzsch / sctl14 (Tiefe Berge)
03. C-Schulz & Hajsch / Untitled (C-Schulz & Hajsch)
04. Terre Thaemlitz / A Quiet Of Intimacy Mirrors Distance (Digital Space)
05. The Inventors of Aircraft / Koeln (*Exclusive)
06. Microstoria / Me-Too_Modula (Model 3, Step 2)
07. Visor / Night Interludes (Visor)
08. Denzel & Huhn / Kinogat (Time Is A Good Thing)
09. Vladislav Delay / Ele (Suite) {Entain}


Boss shouting at you, co-workings giving you shit haha who cares. Yours eyes are open but your brain has totally left the building and is floating about in space!

via / Serein