Ruby Diner Burger

BURGERS!!!!!! Who doesn’t like burgers? No one thats who. We love em, in fact we’ve made them. So when we heard about a new burger diner opening in Exeter we had to go there and stuff our fat little faces!

Ruby Diner

Before we even get onto the food, Ruby Burgers looks AMAZING! You can tell a lot of time has been spent getting the venue looking fantastic and with photos by Brendan Barry on the walls its like a mini art gallery as well.

Brendan Barry Photos

On to the food… The range of burgers is pretty damn awesome, plus they cater for veggie folk which is always a good thing. But its not just burgers on the menu, they have a wide range of breakfast items, bagels, slow cooked meats, salads, desserts and the most amazing ‘Hard Shakes’ mmmm boozy milkshakes!

Lexy says…

It’s like the best bits of American diner grub with all the best fresh Devon ingredients. You get a brilliantly cooked burger and sides for the same money you’d pay for a crappy Maccy Ds at the services, We took Earl 16 from Leftfield and he said it was the best veggy burger he’d ever had 🙂 So if it’s good enough for Earl, and 1634% better than a Maccys, its good enough for us

King Farmer likes food…

I likes eating it, reading about it, talking, cooking… you get the picture! but I’m is not easily pleased!

That is why I am massively impressed with Ruby, despite some of the burgers being only a quid or two more expensive than those crack burger bar chains, the quality of the ingredients are absolutely apparent after the first bite, excellent meat, great brioche buns, good cheese (with the option to choose a plastic cheese slice), and awesome run down your arm and lick your elbow Ruby sauce!

There are good vegie options, two vegan salads and bubbly staff that make the whole experience great fun.

Farmer likes Ruby!

Proper Cider

They have a wide range of booze to drink while munching on lush food as well… Proper Cider indeed

OMC Bays

So overall a thumbs up from the OMC and we cant wait to go again. Plus they have an awesome website to boot so go and check them out and get those burgers in your face!

// Photo credits Mr Lexicon, Gak Design and Matt Austin