Before the dawn of OMC I used to do a radio show on Southwest Underground loosely dedicated to an artist, genre or label. OMC bay Richie Rundle did a few towards the end as well with the Wetherall sessions etc and these mixes are still the ones I listen to most, as there funking RAD!!!

Now as the radio show is no more its been ages since I did a SWU Sessions mix and having just completed my Dope Dragon collection I thought its time to put them all into one massive session mix. So here it is, Dope Dragon Part One, featuring just about every tune from Dope Dragon 1 – 14.

Proper OMC rolling D&B from back in the day!

01. Roni Size & Krust ‘Selektor (Roni Size Mix)’ [Dope Dragon 001]
02. Mask ‘Alright’ [Drop Dragon 002]
03. Gang Related & Mask ‘Oh My Gosh’ [Drop Dragon 003]
04. Mask ‘Reese’ [Drop Dragon 002]
05. Gang Related & Mask ‘Soldier’ [Drop Dragon 004]
06. Crazy Loops ‘Lost Our Mind’ [Drop Dragon 005]
07. Gang Related & Mask ‘Bass Is Rollin’ [Drop Dragon 004]
08. 3 The Hardway ‘Smooth Operator’ [Drop Dragon 005]
09. Gang Related ‘Hostile’ [Drop Dragon 006]
10. Gang Related ‘Numbers’ [Drop Dragon 007]
11. Gang Related ‘Big Time’ [Drop Dragon 006]
12. Gang Related ‘Death blow’ [Drop Dragon 007]
13. Mask ‘One People’ [Dope Dragon 008]
14. Gang Related & Mash ‘Ready Or Not’ [Dope Dragon 009]
15. Bigger Star ‘Raid’ [Dope Dragon 008]
16. Gang Related & Mask ‘Sky’ [Dope Dragon 009]
17. Gang Related & Mask ‘Biters’ [Dope Dragon 010]
18. Gang Related & Mask ‘One Time’ [Dope Dragon 011]
19. Gang Related & Mask ‘Suckers’ [Dope Dragon 010]
20. Gang Related & Mask ‘Tear It Up’ [Dope Dragon 011]
21. Gang Related & Mask ‘Concentration’ [Dope Dragon 012]
22. Gang Related & Mask ‘Dictaion’ [Dope Dragon 013]
23. Gang Related & Mask ‘Follow None’ [Dope Dragon 012]
24. Gang Related & Mask ‘Not Not’ [Dope Dragon 013]
25. Swabe ‘Will O’ The Wisp’ [Dope Dragon 014]

Part two coming next week