I know, I know, the game came out in 2011 and now we are nearing the end of 2012 but this is OMC, we take this slow at our age 😉

So, Dead Island, this game as been on my ‘must play at some point’ list for a good year so finally I got round to it.

While it is a flawed game, sometimes textures take their time loading, cut scenes are very stiff, its the machete head chopping charm that wins over and lets you lose yourself in a massive environment filled with zombies.

If you like slicing off limbs and generally running around while hordes of intensely blood thirsty zombies floats your boat then buy this game. I reckons you would be able to pick it up for a £5 2nd hand now so, no excuse.

Ignore the trailer video as its misleading and watch 10 minutes of gameplay to get a better idea.

8 Zombies out of 10

Once you have completed the original, then the sequal is coming out soon as well, Dead Island Riptide, so best buy that as well 🙂