The INCREDIBLY talented Brendan Barry has been uploading amazing videos to keep you entertained while in lockdown.

The man is a legend and we recommend you check out the other vids!

Turn Your Bedroom Into A Camera Obcura (And Make Photographs With It)

Home schooling your kids? Student sent home from uni looking for a new project? Stuck indoors and searching for something to do? Why not try this?!

It’s a video tutorial I just made on how to turn your bedroom into a camera obscura and your bathroom into a darkroom, and then make black & white analogue negative & positive prints with them!

The camera obscura is all made with things you should have lying around the house, I’ve tried to keep it as basic and accessible as possible, because obviously going to the shops isn’t as easy as it used to be right now!! For the darkroom bit you need some photographic paper and chemicals, but if you don’t have these and you can’t order them online, you can simply use a digital camera instead (I explain in the vid).

Make Your Own Developer & Fixer Using Household Items

This video shows you how to process photographic photo paper using homemade developer & fixer! All you’ll need is coffee granules, vitamin c power/tablets & washing soda for the dev (aka caffenol) and table salt for the fix. You can use this to process photo paper exposed in a camera obscura (see previous video), a pinhole camera or any camera you can put a bit of photo paper in. The same stuff works for film. A cheaper, more readily available and environmentally friendly way of doing things!

In the camera obscura video I made the first half required no specialist materials, but the processing bit required developer & fixer, which most people wouldn’t have lying around. So I wanted to share a more accessible way! You’ll still need photo paper (I don’t know how to make this with stuff I have in the kitchen I’m afraid!) but any photo paper should work, if you have an out of date box somewhere It should still yield results, and colour paper works too, but it will come out sepia. There are loads of way better made and probably much clearer tutorials like this out there already so if this process excites you and you want to learn more just get on YouTube and start searching, then playing! I just wanted to introduce this to people who might not be aware and to make something that was super simple and clear to those of you stuck at home desperate for things to past the time/teach the kids!!

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