Seeing as its almost the New Year and every man and his dog does a round up of 2016, we thought we would do the same. So kicking off the season of lists we have Benny OMC with his top Albums he discovered and enjoyed in 2016, tho not necessarily released in 2016 🙂

5. Various ‘#savefabric’

The essential compilation of 2016.

4. Autechre ‘elseq 1-5’

More boundry pushing electronica from Autechre.

3. Mark Pritchard ‘Under The Sun’

This whole album is lush.

2. Employed to Serve ‘Greyer Than You Remember’


1. All Them Witches ‘Dying Surfer Meets His Maker’

Saw them live this year and was blown away, new album coming in 2017 as well. Top notch stuff!

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