I was having a dig through the old records over the weekend and I found possibly the greatest D&B compilation ever! AWOL ‘A Way Of Life’

Absolute game changer when I bought this, but I never owned the cd with the live mix on it 🙁 to the internet!

From the greatest D&B comp ever to one of the best live recording of a D&B night.. nice one internets!

So many VIPs, horns massive, lighter massive lets go…

01. DJ Biggs ‘The Hunter’
02. Splash ‘Babylon’
03. Northern Connexion ‘Reel Funk (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix)’
04. P-Funk ‘P. Funk Era (V.I.P. Mix)’
05. Randall & Andy C ‘Sound Control (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix)’
06. Cool Hand Flex ‘The Melody Madness (V.I.P. Mix)’
07. Dark Man ‘Dis Sound Ruff’
08. Kenny Ken ‘The Pied Piper (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix)’
09. D.R.S. ‘Everyman (A.W.O.L. V.I.P. Mix)’
10. Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze ‘The Dreamer (DJ Aphrodite V.I.P. Mix)’
11. Prizna ‘Fire (Dr. S. Gachet V.I.P. Mix)’
12. Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze ‘Touch My Toes (Dreamteam V.I.P. Mix)’
13. Aladdin ‘Mash Up Yer Know (V.I.P. Mix)’
14. Mickey Finn & Aphrodite ‘A.W.O.L. (V.I.P. Mix)’
15. L Double Da Base 2 Dark ‘(Mickey Finn Special Mix)’