You know this advert? If you can’t youtube at work, it’s the “stella “cidre” advert with the bloke with the funny French (this bit is important) accent.

Now this got me to thinking how the advertisers are trying to get the mouthbreathers to drink their cider by thinking they are oh so cosmopolitan by calling it “cidre” in a twattish french accent.

The Stella brewery is in Leuven which is in Belgium which as some of you will know is a place for the Brits and the Germans to have a bit of a scrap once in a while  bi-lingual country split between the Flemmish and the Walloons, now the Flemmish speak Dutch and the Walloons speak French.

Leuven is in the Flemmish bit of Belgium as per fig:1 below.

Therefore they speak Dutch. So fuck off with your twatty advert and so, in short, the following people are cunts for NOT PAYING ATTENTION in school, and trying to sell me mass marketed foreign pap when there are plenty of tasty CIDERS here.

Agency: Mother
Film Prod Co: Park Pictures (Germany) – pfft trust the Germans to know about Northern European geography.
Director: Joachim Bach
Producer: Stephen Brierley

Mine’s a Thatchers, see you down the pub.