Now… You all know we love those Star Wars films and we’re quite partial to the German sports brand Adidas. So when the two collaborated a good few years back piggie banks were smashed and the contents of copper jars were counted. I got myself a very nice Stormtrooper tee and matching shell toes. I still regularly check eBay for a reasonably priced pair of Adidas Yoda’s in a size 1O.

We’re pretty observant chaps here at OMC, not much gets missed, so imagine our glee when we stumbled across some blatant product placement in the new Star Wars movie. Addias and Star Wars have been collaborating since 2010 and it looks like it’s not going to stop anytime soon.


A pair of white Ltd edition Stormtrooper shell toes please Adidas… 3 red stripes this time?