A Day Out In Devon from Cows Can't Count on Vimeo.

Proper job awesome! Big ups to the New Devon Army and Cows Cant Count for this kick ass film.

Filmed on the 24/07/2012, ‘A Day Out In Devon’ follows the New Devon Army on balmy summer day featuring surfing, fmx, skydiving, a fair amount of cows and a pub….

Neil Kirby features heavily in all the days’ action with various other surfers, fmx riders and skydivers involved as the day unfolds.

Put to a soundtrack of Devon artists, this is a short film made 100% in Devon.

Track 1
Right – by Toby Norman – aka Words Roll Off The Tongue

Track 2
Sound Gal 2012 – by Ben & Lex

Track 3
Cross Talk – by Jasper