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Pigpen Radio Selectors Presents 420 Mixtape

Time to lounge heavy, as its Sunday, so sit back and relax to Pigpen Radio Selectors Presents ‘420 Mixtape’. In celebration of cannabis culture worldwide.

Planetary Assault Systems – The Light Years Mix

Classic techno god, Luke Slater, seems to be making a bit of a come back as ‘Planetary Assault Systems’ if this mix is anything to go by.

DJ Randall ‘History Of Jungle’

Mixmag & Smirnoff Sound Collective present The Lab LDN with DJ Randall for a special 1992-1995 history of jungle set.

I Am A Child Of The 80s Mix

Its all got a bit serious with our mixes on OMC recently so here is a fun one and its top!

Aston Harvey (Freestylers) Live DJ Set at BFLF

Make your day better with some Freestyler, proper ace, bassline breakbeat business.

XLR8R Podcast 488: Goldie

Goldie needs no introduction at all so were not going to bother… just listen to this mix.

Loefah and Fabio’s A/B Mix

Loefah and Fabio lay down a killer mix and show us exactly how their sounds compliment each other perfectly.

K&D ‘The Golden Years Sessions’

Ahh Sundays the ultimate day for lounging and doing bugger all,
so tune in and listen to hours of K&D playing rad tunes and making this day even better.

Boiler Room D&B Allstars Vol. 1 — Fabio & Grooverider, Randall, Doc Scott + DJ Flight

This is probably one our fav Boiler Room sessions to date! So much kick ass jungle and energy, all the dons in one place throwing down HEAVY.

Rundle Review: ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’

The first in our new section on OMC. ‘Rundle Review’ Richie and his kids Lucas, Forrest and Nina review films and such and let us know what they thought.

Tom Middleton – Mighty Force Awakens Old School Reunion (The Warm Up)

Brand new mix from Tom Middleton for Mighty Force, quite how he’s managed to fit so many iconic tunes into one hour is absolutely mind-boggling.

AWOL ‘A Way Of Life’

So many VIPs, horns massive, lighter massive lets go…

Lee Waller ‘Mighty Force’

Hope you enjoy the trip…

Richie Rundle – The Mighty Slugger

Mighty Force team member and Slugraver Richie Rundle has woven together a few of his favourites, some stone cold classics and fistful of Slugrave’s own remixes in this exclusive hour long mix for Mighty Force.

Brand New Mix Series From Ben & Lex

OMC and, downright kick ass, super DJs return to the decks with a brand new Mixcloud series of mixes.

SWU.FM Returns this September

SWU.FM have confirmed that they will be returning in September full time… AMAZING NEWS!!!

OMC’s Rachel Dawson Is Running The Brighton Marathon

Our super top 80’s / Rock DJ Rachel Dawson is running the Brighton Marathon on the 9th April – AMAZING!!!


Mighty Force has awakened! Tom Middleton, Justin Harris, Digs, Mr Mullato, S.A.S, Andy Compton and so much more AWESOME!

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